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Pat Palmer founded Medical Billing Advocates of America in 1997, a national advocacy firm of professionals dedicated to protecting and servicing consumers and businesses by increasing awareness, providing education and training to obtain True & Accurate billing and Fair & Reasonable pricing for all healthcare payers. MBAA is one of the nation’s leading experts in healthcare advocacy.

Pat’s personal experience overcoming the many obstacles and difficulties in correcting her own family’s bills convinced her that the greatest service she could provide the public would be to ensure that others would only pay their fair share when it came to medical bills. The overwhelming response MBAA has received is undeniable evidence mandating the need for medical bill advocacy and providing everyone across the country the opportunity to access services like ours. Everyone deserves the right to have accurate medical billing.

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Since medical billing research and advocacy was – and continues to be – a relatively new field, strong evidence underscored the need for an interactive network to support the growing number of individuals and businesses looking for assistance. In June 1997 Medical Billing Advocates of America was established with one goal in mind: strengthen the networking possibilities of businesses established to review medical billing errors and correct insurance mistakes. MBAA began to offer the necessary training to help others around the country.

Today, Pat Palmer’s passion and desire to help right the wrong in “out of control” healthcare costs continues through her daughters, Candice Butcher, Vice President of Medical Billing Advocates of America and Christie Hudson, Vice President of Medical Recovery Services.

Pat Palmer on CNN

Mission Statement

Medical Billing Advocates of America’s (MBAA’s) mission is to train, educate, and provide services to
advocates, businesses, and consumers.
MBAA promotes True & Accurate billing and Fair & Reasonable pricing.


Sandra Klapprodt, BSPTSandra Klapprodt, BSPT

MBAA Home Study Course offers a general overview for folks considering medical billing advocacy, which is directly applicable for the consumer market. The course also offers a section on...

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Bob James, M.D., J.D.Bob James, M.D., J.D.

I have found the Hospital Compliance Seminar to be very thorough and well taught. The information is not easy but it is essential to be a complete advocate.

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