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We service multiple types of businesses, including self-insured groups, unions, insurance companies, attorneys, and medical providers to perform a variety of audits. We are dedicated to getting you and your business back on track with a proper assessment of medical expenditures and reimbursements.

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We help consumers just like yourself stand up to the system and demand True & Accurate Charges and Fair & Reasonable pricing. Our Three-Prong Audit approach consists of the traditional Medical Record Audit, our unique Compliance Audit, and Fair & Reasonable Pricing Analysis.

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bill_advocates_131Astronomical, out of line, ridiculous, and even absurd are just some of the terms people have often used to describe their final bill after leaving the hospital. Even after you’ve received the bill and the sticker shock has set in, the bill can often still leave people in a state of panic, anger, or depression. Combined with the high bill amount and the cryptic medical bill code and terminology, it often seems that medical bills were designed to bewilder even the most savvy of consumers. Fortunately, MBAA has experts and is ready to fight for you. A Medical Bill Compliance Audit may be the answer for you. With a Medical Bill Compliance Audit, MBAA’s team of professional and accredited auditors go to bat for you to decode obscure billing line items. Examples of these types of line items could be something as simple as “74176,” or more specific but still confusing terms like: Venipuncture, Mallox, a Handling Fee, a Cough Support Device, Thermal Therapy, and Oral Administration. Dispute your medical bills and don’t settle for overcharged prices!

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MBAA will help ensure True and Accurate Charges
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In a recent study, it’s estimated that 80-90% of hospital and medical bills contain items or services which are either overcharged or should not have been charged in the first place! This has to stop, but in the meantime our medical bill compliance audits can help ensure these items and services are identified and the bill is adjusted. To do this, MBAA and our sister company, Medical Recovery Services (MRS) have teamed up to provide bill auditing services to consumers and businesses, and other organizations seeking help in this area. MRS has a team of experts to review medical charges for items and services that are not billable according to Federal Billing Regulations and AMA guidelines. This ensures that you’re getting a true and accurate bill as well as the best possible price for the services that you should pay for and nothing more.