Whether you are looking to get help with medical bills, or just educate yourself about how to deal with potential future medical incidents, our resources section is here to help you. Please explore the articles and videos below to learn more about how to negotiate medical bills and become informed.

  • Common Medical Billing Mistakes – Part IIMay 22, 2015
    Common Medical Billing Mistakes – Part II

    Mistakes are common—no one is perfect. But just because a mistake is made by someone else doesn’t mean that you have to suffer the consequences. This is especially true in the case of medical billing mistakes. More and more people are suffering because of these billing mistakes and sometimes it’s even costing them their life savings. You…

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  • Common Medical Billing Mistakes – Part IMay 14, 2015
    Common Medical Billing Mistakes – Part I

    Being a patient in the hospital can be a scary experience; even a so-called routine procedure can raise your blood pressure. We definitely appreciate the hospital staff for taking care of our health, especially if we’re in a life or death situation. During a medical emergency, you might even say that there is no price you can put…

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  • Tips to Avoid Major Medical DebtMay 5, 2015
    Tips to Avoid Major Medical Debt

    Medical debt is one of the top causes of bankruptcy in the U.S.; more Americans than ever before are falling victim to exorbitant medical bills. In fact, it is estimated that one in five U.S. citizens owes a substantial amount of debt to healthcare providers. Is there any way to avoid major medical debt? Educate…

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  • Healthcare Advocacy – A Growing IndustryApril 22, 2015
    Healthcare Advocacy – A Growing Industry

    The healthcare advocacy industry started in the 1970’s during the patient’s rights movement. Because of this movement, in 1972 the American Hospital Association adopted the Patient Bill of Rights. In the beginning, patient advocacy involved naming patient advocates or representatives for patients who were in the hospital for long periods of time. Those who were in particular need…

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