Whether you are looking to get help with medical bills, or just educate yourself about how to deal with potential future medical incidents, our resources section is here to help you. Please explore the articles and videos below to learn more about how to negotiate medical bills and become informed.

  • Price Gouging: Real Life InstancesNovember 25, 2014
    Price Gouging: Real Life Instances

    In a recent article entitled “Are We Getting Gouged on Health Care Costs?” numerous instances of price gouging are described within the healthcare field along with data to support the research and findings. The title of the article was designed to catch the reader’s attention. Is there still a question of whether or not we…

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  • Medical Debt OverviewNovember 15, 2014
    Medical Debt Overview

    According to data from NerdWallet, an estimated 56 million Americans have problems paying for medical debt. The ability to access health insurance is increasing with the Affordable Care Act, so many are left wondering why they struggle to afford their medical care. The costs are often associated with ongoing confusion about insurance plans, individuals still…

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  • Ebola: Opportunities for Murky Billing PracticesNovember 11, 2014
    Ebola: Opportunities for Murky Billing Practices

    Despite the fact that only one person in America has died because of the Ebola virus, citizens, the media and government entities have devoted a massive amount of time, money and concern to the possibility of the disease spreading to other people. The disease reportedly can only be spread through direct contact with bodily fluids…

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  • The Second Enrollment Period Under the ACA May Lead to More Unanswered QuestionsNovember 2, 2014
    The Second Enrollment Period Under the ACA May Lead to More Unanswered Questions

    If you are planning to sign up for health insurance on the site, you can find out how much rates have increased in November – but not until after the mid-term election. This is just one of many issues still plaguing the administration and their embattled insurance marketplace site. In addition to the…

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