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medical-billing-advocate_181353242Most of us have seen the negative press about certain drug companies hiking their prices on prescription medications. The news is full of reports of rising prescription drug prices. Medical Billing Advocates of America’s personal friend, Mr. Ralph Nader, is leading a successful campaign to raise awareness of the plight of millions of Americans who are falling victim to rising prescription drug costs. Many Americans must have prescription medications to live a full life, to function normally, or very often, just to stay alive.

Here at Medical Billing Advocates of America, we have had an increase in people calling and writing who are having difficulties affording their prescription medications. In a country that is struggling with the rising cost of healthcare and of other commodities, many Americans are skipping doses of necessary meds or are failing to take these medications altogether because they cannot afford the cost.

If you are struggling to pay for your prescription medications, or if you know someone who is, try researching the information contained in the following website links:

  • The Patient Advocate Foundation ( – This website offers a wide variety of assistance, including links to entities that can help with medication assistance, vision and dental care, hospice service, medical equipment and supplies, employment, financial management and utilities assistance. There is a link to apply for co-pay assistance under the “Get Help” tab. You can apply online or call them directly. PAF can also connect you with resources on insurance resources and appeals, disease-specific resources, and resources for uninsured and underinsured individuals.
  • Partnership for Prescription Assistance ( – PPA is a resource that can help you by matching you with patient assistance programs for the specific medication you need. This website also helps you to find free and low-cost healthcare facilities near you.
  • Rx Assist ( – This website has a directory of patient assistance programs. You can input the name of the medication and your location and the database will generate a list of assistance programs available to you. It may also offer you printable coupons for that medication.
  • Rx Outreach ( – Rx Outreach is a charitable pharmacy to help offer prescription medications at an affordable price. If you live alone in the continental U.S. and your yearly income does not exceed $35,640, you may qualify for this program. Follow the link for information on eligibility:

If you are still having difficulties affording your medications, talk to your doctor. Many physicians have drug samples that they are willing to give to patients who are having financial difficulties. Your doctor might also be able to provide a less expensive alternative, such as a generic version of the drug that has been on the market longer and therefore, can be much less expensive. Additionally, try contacting the drug manufacturer directly for special savings and for any programs they have to help make their medications more affordable.


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