About MBAA

MBAA receives national publicity as a leading expert in the field of detecting medical billing errors, overcharges, and underpayments from insurance companies. MBAA has been featured on NBC Nightly News, ABC’s Prime Time Live, NBC’s Dateline and CNN as well as numerous other national television shows, magazines, and newspapers.

Pat Palmer founded Medical Recovery Services, Inc., a research company, in Salem, Virginia in 1994. Within six months, she received calls from individuals and companies in more than 30 states. Palmer was often asked what inspired her to become a consumer advocate, and her reply is always the same; “She believes it was her destiny”. Her personal experience overcoming the many obstacles and difficulties in correcting her own family’s bills convinced her that the greatest service she could provide the public would be to ensure that others would only pay their fair share when it came to medical bills.

Since medical billing research and advocacy was – and continues to be – a relatively new field, strong evidence underscored the need for an interactive network to support the growing number of individuals and businesses looking for assistance. In June 1997 Medical Billing Advocates of America was established with one goal in mind: strengthen the networking possibilities of businesses established to review medical billing errors and correct insurance mistakes. MBAA began to offer the necessary training to help others around the country.

The MBAA Team


Michael Mann


Michael Mann is currently the President of Medical Billing Advocates of America (MBAA), Medical Recovery Services, LLC (MRS) and Debt Away, LLC. Whereas MBAA focuses on training and education, MRS specializes in the auditing of hospital bills for errors and non compliant charges for business, self insured unions and consumers using the proprietary method that Pat Palmer developed over the last 20 years. Debt Away, LLC is a holding company with wholly owned subsidiaries including, Century Settlement Services, LLC (CSS). CSS settles unsecured debt for financially troubled consumers that wish to avoid bankruptcy.




Pat Palmer is a corporate healthcare consultant, lecturer, author and patient advocate. Pat authored The Medical Bill Survival Guide, published by Warner Books, General Advocate Home Study Course, Self-Insured Corporate Auditing Program, Medical Bill Workbook for Consumers, the Hospital Bill Compliance Manual, and Critical Analyses of Provider Billing, Coding and Reimbursement. She has been featured in hundreds of news media outlets.


Candice Butcher


Candice Butcher is the daughter of Pat Palmer, Founder of Medical Billing Advocates of America and Medical Recovery Services. Candice has been actively involved in both companies since 1994. Her involvement over the past 19 years has led to the development of new training platforms for advocates, educational webinars and literature for consumers, aide and developed content for Medical Billing Advocates of America’s interactive workshops as well as annual conferences.


Christie Hudson


Christie Hudson is also the daughter of Pat Palmer, Founder of Medical Billing Advocates of America and Medical Recovery Services. Christie serves as the Director of the Insurance Reimbursement and Recovery Division for MRS. Christie has assisted in providing consulting services to consumers and Corporate America for over 17 years. She is recognized as an expert consultant and recovery specialist in high dollar Insurance Appeals. She has also recovered thousands of dollars for complex rehabilitation DME Companies who suffered a loss due to uncollectable insurance payments.