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The MBAA blog contains an ongoing list of posts meant to provide professional insight into the current events, of the medical billing world, as well as advocacy. Here, Pat Palmer and the MBAA staff will share up-to-date information and thoughts on current events in the industry.

  • The Most Expensive Health Conditions in the U.S.January 9, 2017
    The Most Expensive Health Conditions in the U.S.

    If you are an American adult who is responsible for your own healthcare costs, you know that the price of healthcare in the U.S. can be astounding. The average healthcare cost per individual hit $10,345 according to reports from the Associated Press in July 2016. The national healthcare expenditure topped $3.35 trillion last year. What…

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  • Will ACA Preventive Services be a Thing of the Past?December 21, 2016
    Will ACA Preventive Services be a Thing of the Past?

    There are many greatly opposing viewpoints regarding the Affordable Care Act, but even many Americans who opposed the controversial healthcare law are enjoying the preventive services the ACA offers. Donald Trump, now President-elect of the U.S., has more than hinted at the possibility of doing away with the ACA. One of Trump’s primary campaign trail…

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  • Things to Know for Open Enrollment 2017November 10, 2016
    Things to Know for Open Enrollment 2017

    It’s time for Open Enrollment 2017 and it has been talked about heavily in the media. Numerous media outlets reported prior to Open Enrollment that health insurance premiums might increase significantly. This was confirmed as Americans began to peruse the Marketplace site. Some Americans took to social media sites to show proof that their individual…

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  • Decoding Your Medical BillOctober 12, 2016
    Decoding Your Medical Bill

    If you have had a hospital stay or a medical procedure within the last decade, you know that the bill you receive tells you very little, giving you little chance of decoding your medical bill. You will see very clear information about the amount of money you owe, how to pay that money, and when it…

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