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The MBAA blog contains an ongoing list of posts meant to provide professional insight into the current events, of the medical billing world, as well as advocacy. Here, Pat Palmer and the MBAA staff will share up-to-date information and thoughts on current events in the industry.

  • Choosing Between Care and CommoditiesMay 18, 2016
    Choosing Between Care and Commodities

    This is a situation that one of our employees is currently experiencing here at Medical Billing Advocates of America. Even with health insurance, many Americans are facing a difficult problem when it comes to healthcare: choosing between care and commodities. I recently starting having unusual symptoms that sent me to my general practitioner. After answering…

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  • Help for Prescription Drug PricesMarch 18, 2016
    Help for Prescription Drug Prices

    Most of us have seen the negative press about certain drug companies hiking their prices on prescription medications. The news is full of reports of rising prescription drug prices. Medical Billing Advocates of America’s personal friend, Mr. Ralph Nader, is leading a successful campaign to raise awareness of the plight of millions of Americans who…

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  • Wellness to Help Keep Healthcare Costs LowFebruary 17, 2016
    Wellness to Help Keep Healthcare Costs Low

    In January 2016, data revealed that the U.S. has topped $3 trillion dollars in healthcare spending. Americans are feeling the brunt of that statistic directly. We know there are vital steps we can take to ultimately keep our healthcare spending as low as possible. Request an itemized statement of billed charges and look for errors and…

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  • A Wellness Strategy Might Help Keep Healthcare Costs LowFebruary 10, 2016
    A Wellness Strategy Might Help Keep Healthcare Costs Low

    Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. This statement is true in so many ways, and this idea could help keep healthcare costs low for many individuals. It’s always better to take good care of ourselves so that we might avoid health ailments in the future. The cost of…

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