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Companies who review medical bills see this scenario on a daily basis: You learn that you need to have an unexpected procedure and you allow your physician to set it up at one of the local hospitals.

Nothing is questioned before the procedure and immediately after the procedure, you and your family are concentrating on your healthy, speedy recovery. Emphasis is placed on the health condition – as it should be – and a healthcare price tag is not thought about twice.


After all, in this moment, the most important thing is your well-being. However, after the medical emergency drama settles and your mailbox begins to fill with bills which contain numbers you can only hope are incorrect, the reality sets in that a different kind of recuperation is in order.

Unless you are a trained medical billing professional, this is the point where you get help. But how do you know where to go? The Internet is teeming with companies that claim to be able to knock your bill down, but just how much money will you have to shovel out of your pocket to yet another entity?

What kind of track record do these companies have? How do they go about finding erroneous charges? How is one company different than another? This is where you should hone in on any researching skills you might possess.

Numerous companies who review medical bills have a software system that analyzes medical bills and spits out potential errors. In fact, most companies who conduct medical bill reviews do not have a live person who reviews medical bills line by line.

While computer software is a must for certain areas of business, there are some instances in which nothing compares to the instinct and intuition of the trained human mind.

Instead of a bill being scanned electronically for key words and phrases, a team of trained medical and legal personnel are better equipped to handle your particular situation.

A medical bill review team with years of experience will work quickly and efficiently to get your bills reduced to a “True & Accurate” and “Fair & Reasonable” amount by asking the right questions to the right people in a timely manner. This will help prevent your medical bills from being sent to a collections agency and reduce the chance of any negative records on your credit report.

What kind of reviews and testimonials does the company receive from other clients? When someone has a negative experience with a company, they usually don’t keep it to themselves. If the word on the street – or on the Internet – is that this company does not perform well, it should be a red flag to keep looking.

You can skip the headache of scouring through pages of company ads and instead, contact Medical Recovery Services. MRS, along with their sister company, Medical Billing Advocates of America, have been helping patients find errors on their medical bills for more than 20 years.

If that’s not enough to set your mind at ease, perhaps this will – If Medical Recovery Services does not find savings for you on your medical bills, you don’t owe them a cent. That’s a truly risk-free medical review.

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