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Insurance companies fail to disclose accurately and clearly what they will pay or how they will determine payment. Consumers, providers, and employers are repeatedly left with denied claims and/or low reimbursement of claims. In this session, you’ll discover the common errors to detect on insurance reimbursement regarding reimbursement rates, delayed or reduced payments, and denied claims. You’ll also learn how to perform successful appeals and assure that state and federal insurance regulations override benefit plan language. Finally, you’ll identify benefit plan weaknesses and how to review insurance reimbursements for accuracy.


Presented by Christie Hudson:

Christie Hudson is also the daughter of Pat Palmer, Founder of Medical Billing Advocates of America and Medical Recovery Services. Ms. Hudson serves as the Director of the Insurance Reimbursement and Recovery Division for MRS. Ms. Hudson has assisted in providing consulting services to consumers and Corporate America for over 17 years. She is recognized as an expert consultant and recovery specialist in high dollar Insurance Appeals. She has also recovered thousands of dollars for complex rehabilitation DME Companies who suffered a loss due to uncollectable insurance payments.

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Pat Palmer
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