When Do I Need Help With My Medical Bills?

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Medical bills can be very expensive, but trying to understand them can be almost as stressful as having to pay them. Unfortunately, medical billing errors are all too common, which means that you can lose a lot of money if you aren’t able to decipher your bills correctly. Asking for help understanding medical bills can be an important step when you need to dispute medical bills.

Spotting Common Billing Errors

medical_billing_advocate-119Billing errors can occur for many different reasons. One of the easiest errors to spot is a duplicate charge, but problems can also occur if you have been charged for more of a particular item than you were actually given, or if the charge for a canceled service was left on your bill. Errors can also slip in because of simple typos, spelling mistakes, or errors in your insurance number, which could mean that you are billed for someone else’s treatment, or that your claim is rejected by your insurer.

Problems can also occur if you are billed incorrectly. You might have been billed separately for services that should have been bundled together under a cheaper procedure code, billed for a more expensive version of a service than you actually received, or billed for more than the co-payment that you should have been charged.

Deciphering Medical Bills

Your first step when you think you might need to dispute medical bills should be to ask your care provider for itemized bills, detailing every treatment and service that you have been given. You should take a close look at each bill to see if you can spot any problems. However, billing errors can be very difficult to recognize. If you think you might need to dispute your medical bills, but you don’t know where to begin, or if you are uncomfortable with the idea of disputing any charges on your own, you might need to seek professional medical billing help. It might take an expert to decipher the obscure codes and billing procedures detailed in your bill.

Where Can I Find Help With My Medical Bills?

If you decide that you need some help understanding your medical bills, a medical billing advocate can conduct a professional review that will look closely at every item on your bill and decide whether you have been billed for accurate charges and reasonable prices. Medical Recovery Services implements a proprietary three-prong review approach which includes a review to ensure that you are only charged for services you received, a compliance review and a pricing analysis.

If there is a problem, your advocate will be able to help you to dispute your medical bills, regardless of whether the issue is with your health insurer or care provider, giving you the best chance of getting the matter solved fairly and in a reasonable amount of time. Contact Medical Recovery Services at 855-203-7058 and start down the road to True and Accurate charges and Fair and Reasonable prices on your medical bills.

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