How to Get Medical Help When You’re Uninsured

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Large group of people waiting in lineWhat an overwhelming feat it is to confront medical issues head on, especially if you’re one of the millions of Americans without health insurance. Vast differences can be seen in health and overall quality of life when comparing individuals with and without insurance. Too often, individuals feel as if their health is largely dependent on their financial situation.

They might feel that they’re not one of the lucky ones who can afford to be taken care of by a physician. Countless uninsured people have postponed seeking medical attention – some even losing their lives as a result – simply because they felt as though they had no financial options for medical treatment.

On another extreme end of the scale, some uninsured individuals choose to use the emergency room as their doctor’s office. Unlike doctor’s offices that require either insurance or cash payment upfront, emergency rooms typically deal with the billing after the treatment.

The patient is comforted with fast care and then slammed with an astronomical bill. Not only are the services in the emergency room exponentially higher than those in a typical doctor’s office, but the patient will be taking valuable time away from staff who should be concentrating on patients with actual emergencies.

Contrary to popular belief, options abound for the uninsured, and there are now plenty of affordable – sometimes free – options for patients without insurance. The good news is you don’t have to be rich or poor to qualify. There is a resource for just about everyone.

A Regular Primary Care Doctor

When you call the doctor’s office, don’t let the question of insurance coverage discourage you. A doctor’s office will take cash. In fact, medical facilities prefer cash to dealing with insurance claims. In such cases, it is advisable to ask for a discount beforehand and get it in writing and signed by a facility supervisor, or by the doctor himself, if possible. Sometimes just taking the initiative to ask is all you need.

Direct Primary Care Providers

Another option for uninsured patients for primary and preventative care is enlisting the service of a direct primary care provider. This option is so convenient and affordable that some people are starting to reduce their current healthcare coverage in favor of this plan. In short, the patient locates a doctor in their area who practices as a direct primary care provider. They pay the provider a flat fee every month, and this “membership” entitles the patient to all the primary and preventative care they need, no matter how often they need to be seen. The monthly fee will vary by doctor; however, some plans are as low as $49, which is less than many monthly cable bill plans.


primary care

Urgent Care

It seems like urgent care centers are popping up on every corner, and they are usually comparable in price to a regular cash doctor visit. Some of the offices are stand-alone urgent care clinics, and some doctors open their offices after normal business hours and on weekends, transforming themselves into an urgent care facility. These facilities are preferable to emergency rooms in non-emergency situations, because their fees are much lower, the wait is usually much shorter and the staff is able to be more attentive in most instances.

Also, the other patients – the ones with whom you’ll be sharing the air in the waiting room – usually aren’t as sick as those in the emergency room, which minimizes the risk for you to contract another illness while seeking treatment for your own ailment.

Again, if you find yourself in need of care, and you lack insurance, steer clear of the hospital emergency room unless you feel your condition is life threatening or that it somehow truly calls for an emergency room setting. Instead, opt for the more convenient, less dramatic choice. Often, urgent care centers have much of the same equipment as an emergency room, so they can treat more than just the common cold. Each office varies, so it is recommended that you call ahead to ensure they can treat you when you arrive.

Walk-in Clinics

One of the greatest medical care options available today is the walk-in clinic. These facilities are ideal for someone who has no insurance. Because of its convenience, walk-in clinics are preferred by travelers, locals and those who are insured, underinsured and uninsured. Typically staffed with certified practitioners, these convenient clinics are usually tucked away in the back corner of a pharmacy or inside a grocery store.

Often, these clinics are equipped to treat strep throat and urinary tract infections and might also perform routine labs, and provide common vaccines like flu and hepatitis. Often, the costs associated with a walk-in clinic can be half the cost of a regular doctor visit for those who are paying cash.

Community Clinics

Locating a community clinic in your area can be most beneficial if you have a low level of income. Many of these clinics provide free or low-cost treatment, and the cost is usually determined on an income-based sliding scale. Community clinics typically offer services for prenatal care, vaccines, primary care, and assistance with finding a specialist when needed for such ailments as substance abuse, mental health and HIV/AIDS.

On-Campus Clinic

The new provision of the Affordable Care Act allowed many younger people to stay on their parent’s plan until age 26. But what if the parents don’t have insurance? Many college students are uninsured because their parents do not have insurance or they do not yet have a job with benefits. On-campus clinics usually don’t have access to sophisticated testing and diagnostic equipment; however, many of the services at these on-campus clinics are either low-cost or free of charge, and the range of services are typical of a walk-in clinic.




Health Screenings

Keep an eye out for free or low-cost health screenings in your area. Hospitals, doctor’s offices and clinics usually hold them throughout the year. There are health screenings for issues such as breast cancer, diabetes and cholesterol. Usually, screenings are done by the facility in an attempt to raise awareness and catch diseases early on, raising the likelihood of a successful treatment. Sometimes facilities hold all-day health screening events which might not be advertised. However, you can call each facility that could hold these screenings from time to time for a schedule.


If you find yourself in need of counseling or therapy for issues such as depression or substance abuse, you can find services in many of the same ways as physical treatment. There are free/low-cost and sliding-scale mental health clinics as well as typical stand-alone offices that accept cash patients. Taking care of mental health is an absolute necessity for thriving and maintaining day-to-day routines. Doing a little research on the mental health providers in your area would be beneficial.  Mental health is just as necessary as physical health.

Another option that may be available is the use of non-profit care facilities. These types of facilities are privately funded and pertain to a specific message or mission. They can have a religious affiliate or revolve around a simple common desire to help those who are less fortunate.

If you are unable to pay for any medical service, be honest with the provider. Sometimes communication is all that is necessary to bridge gaps in your healthcare. Furthermore, if you are disabled, pregnant, or have a chronic disease, you may also consider looking into a government-funded healthcare plan.

Most government-funded plans require you to meet certain income requirements, but they also can be most helpful when you do not understand your healthcare options. Whichever route you decide to take, don’t stay away from the doctor because of a lack of health insurance. Early detection is the key to treating most illnesses. Moreover, treating disease early is usually less expensive than trying to fight it off later.

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68 responses to “How to Get Medical Help When You’re Uninsured”

  1. Hello! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a collection of volunteers and starting a new initiative in a community in the same niche. Your blog provided us useful information to work on. You have done a outstanding job!

  2. Linda Miller says:

    Your article under “Medical Billing Advocates of America” is interesting. I would like to know which doctors in Avon, Indiana are Direct Primary Care Providers (and what they charge on a monthly basis) since most of them act like they have never heard of it. Even one close to Avon would be helpful, like Plainfield, IN, or Danville, IN, etc.

    P.S. Walk in clinics that I know of are also called “Emergency Care” facilities. The cost to go to the one in Greenwood, IN is the same as any doctor’s office, even higher.

  3. L. Price says:

    I just turned 64. I have been trying to hold off until I can get Medicare. I tried AFFORDABLE insurance but I am below the recommended income line. It would cost me almost as much as I get in SS income. The deductible was off the charts.

    My problem: I am having such painful problems with my legs and sometimes middle upper back and a bone spur maybe in my heel of the better leg. It seems to be getting worse everyday. Walking is so very painful. It is ruining my quality of living.

    I need a solution to get some health care. I live in Oklahoma. Thanks for any information.

  4. Linda Wagner says:

    My son had his wisdom teeth removed and the oral surgeon didn’t prescribe antibiotics. The required down payment was made prior to his procedure even. What wasn’t he told he had an infection prior to the extraction? Why wasn’t an antibiotic prescribed, and why didn’t they give him a follow up appointment? Quality care was pushed to the wayside for him.

    Within a week’s time, fever developed along with multiple other symptoms (couldn’t open his mouth much, stick neck, muscle spasms, etc). He went to the ER to seek help, and tests showed the infection settled into his jaw bone, as well as having an abscess form. They did an I&D, ran 2 bags of antibiotics, and sent him home, telling him he needed to see a specialist soon to prevent it going into his bloodstream or brain. They told him it was life-threatening. They were going to transfer him to a hospital that had the care he needed, but sent him home instead. I’m assuming their plans changed do to him not having insurance. Sadly, the company he works for doesn’t provide insurance, he doesn’t qualify for state aid, and Obama Care is too much to buy. Specialists want full payment to see him or perform what is necessary. His life is at stake, and I cannot believe it has come down to this. What is a person supposed to do, sit and wait for death?

  5. Cathy Manis says:

    My daughter is 44 and was recently admitted to a hospital and a huge mass found on her ovary. The hospital gave her a prescription for pain medicine and referred her to somewhere else because they are not equipped for the surgery she is going to need. They referred her to KU Medical Center but she has no insurance and is being told she has to be approved by finance before she can be seen. She doesn’t have time to wait and emergency surgery is not an option. Any suggestions?

  6. kyung mi yu says:

    I have a golf ball size lump back of knee.It doesn’t pain , but sometimes bothering me. I don’t have heath insurance. I want to know that what is in it. I try to wait until I get medicare, it is too long. I don’t have money for checking my leg. Could you help me ?

  7. David says:

    My nephew was recently in a horrible car accident. He’s not insured and the bill is getting larger by the minute. He lives in Texas and we are trying to find help anywhere we can. Would you happen to have any recommended website or phone numbers we can call to get some help for our current situation? He’s in the ICU and will hopefully be released soon and will need to be admitted to a head trama rehab center. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  8. Pam says:

    Hello I’m trying to find some way my 27 yr old daughter whom has no job at the time and she has no insurance she needs to see a medical doctor quickly .she needs to get a certain medicine .and she needs the medicine now please help her

  9. Lucie Cantsilieris says:

    I am a permanent resident and my daughter who is not a resident of the US is visiting me. She has back pain and does not have insurance. Do you know how and where I can get her to go to a doctor to check her status without paying a lot?

  10. Peter Vuorela says:

    Here in the UK no-one has to worry about how to fund their treatment. It’s all funded by the tax payer and so it should be.

    You still have an option to go private and pay, or you can buy a private insurance if you so wish.

    The fact that the US can’t provide an affordable health care to its citizens speaks volumes.

    US – the greatest country there’s ever been? I don’t think so. I for one thank my lucky stars that I’m not American!

  11. Luke Smith says:

    There are a lot of good ideas on where to go if you do not have medical insurance. That is cool that campuses have a place that someone can go to, and not break the bank doing so. I would also think about going to an Urgent Care Center also.

  12. Carl says:

    I am a 51 year old special police officer, not long ago on an visit i had in the ER for severe nausea, the worst joint pain(almost the worst pain I had ever felt period!) dicolored stools, blood in urine, and lowgrade fever. the staff was more than compassionate and profesional. The attending doc entered and announced to me and my wife that I had Hepatitis-c and that it would be prudent to begin treatment as soon as possible. And THAT is where it stopped. I just started my job 6 mos ago and I missed the window to sign up for halfway decent insurance, so my wife put me on her insurance which is a pitiful policy and pays next to nothing so hep-c treatment is off the table right now and my symptoms get worse it seems by the week. I looked into the affordable care act, I now make to much to be able to gain any benefit and cant afford the out of pocket expenses. My visits to the ER are paid from out food budget so we have had to decide weather to eat then i suffer the severe symptoms or we go hungry a few days and i can receive some relief. We have had financial hardship from all the work i miss due to being in severe pain or nauseated to the point of being immobile. the last ER visit we made the attending wanted to admit me and run tests for LUPUS. there is nothing we can afford right now and we will NOT run up another hospital ER bill. and all the discoun ted or free clinics here will not except me because i make to much. I have been wearing a uniform and badge of some kind all of my adult life, helping others any way i can and some of them not even deserving to be helped or defended. I am the one who is in need now and it seems everyone has turned a blind eye or has an excuse. I am wondering now if thats just it for me now, and do i start getting my affairs in order. I am not so much worried about me but am worried for my wife. she deserves so much better than this…

  13. Susan Stone says:

    I’ve been reading the postings and I feel for all the people who are suffering… we really have a problem here.This is America,how can we be allowing this?
    I have been trying to get medical help for three years. Affordable Health Care was a disaster and I didn’t get the help I needed before they cancelled me. I need surgery on my shoulder and I don’t know where to turn. I met with ANOTHER insurance agent yesterday and I simply cannot afford the coverage. I went to a local clinic and after I was approved for treatment, they more than tripled my bill. $325 for my first visit. I didn’t go back.

  14. Diana says:

    I do not have a job right now. I want to work but I dont have much strength now. I dont have medical insurance and no money to pay a doctor. I dont even have any money to pay my regular bills. What do I do now? I have no options I am scared I have a major medical issue that I cant get help for. What do I do now? I want to work and want to get help I cant do both.

  15. Angie says:

    Most states have universities that have medical programs. We do here in Oklahoma (OU). They have at the medical campuses “training” clinics where the resident doctors learn under the supervision of their teachers/specialist doctors. They are utilized by low/no income patients and use a sliding scale to determine the cost of services. Your PCP should have contact information for such clinics. It allows low income patients access to specialists that otherwise they couldn’t afford.
    I live in a lower income area and our clinic services a lot of low income cash patients. We refer many patients to these training clinics for treatment. I hope this helps some of you without insurance.

  16. Laura spears says:

    Carl try to find a study. I did two….. Like to have killed me but the second one worked!! There is a cure

  17. James says:

    I can’t even type because I can’t hardly see, I also have body pain, my liver is bad, and I suffer from depression, and anxiety attacks, don’t know what to do they won’t give me no help.

  18. Pam says:

    Emergency attention to whosoever
    respond media lawyers judges
    governors state attory offices

    This is cruel/need help quickly I was told ER doctor in Nov 2015 that I

    Was deteraging the worst they have
    ever seen from upper spine in neck

    Mercy hospital ER doctor set me up
    to see a upper neck spine othopedic

    Specialty surgeon,immediate he said i was
    the worst they had ever seen concerning

    Upper neck upper spine bearly there
    he rust me in appt quickly nov 11 2015
    this is nov 2016 all the hospital in md rejected red in white card news room channel 2 11 13 45 wouldnt public whats going on in md fraid of being sue
    but told me i need to get lawyers

    Quickly I was rejected From mercy hospital spine center nov 11 2015
    john hopkins university md

    Franklin sq all said they dont
    take the red in white medical

    Asstance card all the state of MD reject red in white card mercy hospital in the spine in neck center they said they don’t take they red in white medical asstance

  19. Laurie says:

    I work. Full time. I have type 2 Diabetes that went un-diagnosed for over 5 years before a doctor told me to see an endocrinologist. No one told me that my blood sugars were dangerously high. Just that they were high!

    You see I am overweight. I have an enlarged thyroid, NAFLD, and type 2 diabetes. With those conditions, there is no way to loose the weight without dealing with all three issues. I have since gotten my liver healthly. The last blood test showed hypothyroid levels and the doctor did nothing. Even went as far as to say the levels were ok! My sister, who has a doctorate in nursing told me the levels were that of hypothyroidism! And she freaked over my high cholesterol whereas the doctor said they were fine!

    In anycase, my blood sugar levels are anywhere from 345-360 waking in the morning and I stop eating anything before 7 pm. I only drink water. Now I have no insurance because by the time I made the payment and paid all my other bills – which are just rent, gas, car insurance, student loan payment, and food – there was no money left to even go to the doctor as the deductible was so high I still had to pay out of pocket! So why pay for an insurance I cannot use? There is no way I can generate over $6000 in medical bills in one year to get the insurance to kick in. I cancelled it.

    Now I need to see a doctor asap to get my blood sugars under control and have no insurance. So where do I go? I live in the Sacramento/Citrus Heights CA area.


  20. Regina says:

    Hi. I live in Irving, Texas. I am 45 years old and for the past 2 years I have not had medical insurance. I was always one to go my regular dental approintments, my women’s annuals, flu shots..etc. I recently have developed symptoms to inflammatory breast cancer. My last mammogram was about 2.5 years ago and after the mammogram, they wanted me to go back for a sonogram to look closer at something they had seen… it turned out to be fine. I would like to know where I could go to have these new symptoms checked out. The symptoms that I’m experiencing say to get to the dr asap…any direction you could provide me with would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  21. Kathy says:

    My 21 year old son came down with a cold this past weekend. He noticed a painful lump on his spine. It almost seems to be a cyst. He was unable to sleep last night because of the pain. He unfortunately does not have a job and I lost my insurance coverage for him 6 months ago. I am currently attending school so I really can’t afford more bills. Worried if this could be something serious.

  22. Sharon says:

    My son lost his job a year ago (layoff) and is without insurance. He seriously needs medical help, but no income or insurance. Not sure what we can do.

  23. Angela says:

    I live in the north-northwest corner of Alabama, my husband is 27 and is showing warning symptoms of lung cancer. He does not have insurance. Can you point me in the right direction.

  24. cyndi says:

    Hi…my brother has no insurance, he can’t work because of his legs, he’s been told it’s because of circulation, they are black from the knees down. The doctor told him he needs to be in the hospital but he can’t put him in because he doesn’t have insurance. He has been to the emergency room twice, they say they can’t do anything and send him home and then send a big bill which he can’t pay because he can’t work. How can he get help for his legs before he looses them??

  25. cyndi says:

    Do you have to be on disability to get medicaid?

  26. Tammy says:

    Thank you for this site I found. I am a single woman self employed, no husband, children, siblings or rich Aunt & Uncles. I was accepted to AZ ACCH in 2015. Upon my need to reinstate with proof of income. I was straight forward with my income at that time. Due to my house cleaning services, my income fluctuates due to client needs. Some are one time only, others are per need basis.
    After submitting request for ACCH in 2016 I was denied due to the fact I made $100 over income qualifications. Thus they did not take into consideration that my income is not guaranteed from week to week. (i.e. client cancellations, or one time service that does not grantee a steady income. My personal income fluctuates, week by week.
    After being denied by ACCH because I made $100 more per their requirements, I was denied. I indicated to and trough the process that my income is inconstant. They had no time or willingness to understand my circumstances.
    I researched OBMA plan option for me. My least quote was $400 a month, with considerations*. If I had an extra $400 a month I would not be in this position. Matter of fact, for $400 a month extra I could possibly be driving a BMW. “REALLY” I KNOW, I have a breast issue…I need to be assess as soon as possible. Please advise. I’m very concerned.

  27. Katrina says:

    I was seen in the emergency room a few days ago, cat scan showed something in my throat, it feels like something is stuck, I’m exhausted all the time. Er doctor said I NEED to see a specialist ASAP to determine if it’s cancerous. I have no insurance, I’m only 33 and I have 2 children that already lost their father a year ago. I’m terrified and don’t know what to do

  28. Rita says:

    My son is 28 years old, he has scoliosis he works full time for Sears and doesn’t have insurance. He has 2 children. He is experiencing lots of back pain, has a hard time even lacing shoes. He is at wit’s end he can’t afford to go to get this taken care of. I don’t know how we can get him the help needed to live with less pain.please help!

  29. casey says:

    Dear dr.
    You only have one mom I love my mom so much and even though im 34 my mom knows my every thought more then my husband who ive beenvwith since i was Rhonda was “diagnosed with multiple sclerosis” in 2000.the reason behind my quotation marks is shortly after she diagnosis the dr.had moved Out of state of California. after consulting more doctors and two surgeries neck and spine the doctor who performed was dr.Randall schrote was fired from San Francisco because of malpractice she has a hump back on her right side hunched over lost all feeling on right side leg she has spasm sand seizures as long as i hold her during seizure and we breath same time ive learned their not as bad or as long please help Her

  30. Melissa says:

    Hi I am a RN again helping the public over 15 yrs. I was in a bad car accident missed my 30 day cut off for insurance. At 55 dollars a week and 3000 deductible is what I am offered. So I tried to get othere insurance and boy worse can’t afford it now just because my w2 says I make a certain amount dies not mean I make that. SO NOW NEED A MRI. I am willing to pay and insurance will pay desperate hurt sick. I am not wasting my time again at ER I need a MRI asap

  31. Michelle says:

    I am 33 years old..I was born with cleft lip and palate..Up until 2 moths ago I had Medicaid insurance..I work a full time job at minimum wage..Have two kids and husband is disabled..I got kicked off of Medicaid because I make $80 to much a month to qualify..I’m in desperate need of reconstructive surgery on my cleft palate and the teeth..And I have no way to pay for it with no insurance..Please help me

  32. Debbie says:

    I am 56 years old and have a place on my left breast that started out as small as a pimple and now it has grown to the size of a half dollar. It bleeds all the time and is infected. I have seen several doctors and they will not do anything except give me antibiotics and refer me to a specialist. The specialist is never there or calls and changes my appointment. I don’t have insurance through work but I am blessed to have this wonderful Obama care that hasn’t let me see any doctor to fix this. I was told by one doctor that it was cancerous. Now I am scared to death. This insurance isn’t helping and I feel just because I am without children and hate to say this but the wrong color that I am being dismissed as nothing to anyone. I have great grandchildren that I want to see and be able to watch grow up. How can this happen. They also told me that I had a kinked intestine that could burst plus a Hydle hernia. Spelled wrong. Please help. I live in California and its the worst state ever for medical care unless you live in San Francisco. Or so it seems.

  33. Caius says:

    Hi i am awake reading all these cause i am in a similar position went to the doctor paid my money and he said i need to get a gastricentology i have no insurance do u know anywhere in NJ where i can get some assistance

  34. Gloria says:

    My sister-in-law has95% blockage on the side of her neck and needs surgery. They took her to the emergency and they ran tests on her to find the problem then sent her home. Because she has no insurance, nobody will do the surgery. My brother has looked for help with different agencies, but nobody has been able to help them. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations?

  35. Cynthia says:

    I am 60 years old and uninsured. For the past 2 years I have been going to a free clinic for pain and numbness in my legs and feet which the condition worsened after the Shingles nearly a year ago. Now the numbness is sometimes from my waist down. The clinic was finally able to send me for an MRI a couple months ago and I was diagnosed with severe spinal stenosis in my lower lumbar spine, a pinched nerve, spinal arthritis with spurs and severely bulging discs. The clinic doctor says I need surgery asap or I could end up paralyzed. I don’t know where to get help in central Florida. I am willing to go anywhere for this surgery. Please help!

  36. Shelley says:

    I am 45 years old and I don’t have a health insurance. I have been going to this clinic near my home whenever I needed medical help. The doctors they have in there are very dedicated and compassionate. The sad thing is that most of the people don’t know about these clinics that offer service at an affordable costs. I am grateful to this clinic for helping me with my body and mental strength.

  37. Jessica says:

    I’m 30 and need help finding a Dr in my area. I don’t have insurance. I need a Dr that can prescribe my medications that I’m currently on as well.

  38. Susan says:

    May name is susan. I live in roane county tn. I have no insurance so I would be a self pay. I have scoliosis, rheumatoid arthritis,my legs and knees hurt constantly and I have been told I have fibromyalgia. I haven’t lived here long so can anyone tell me of a doctor that is acccepting new patients that will help me?

  39. Jim says:

    I was released from my job sometime back, I got another job finally which is part time @ 12:00 dollars a hour, we barely have enough money for food. My wife has been extremely sick she has been vomiting for a week straight. We have no health insurance. She has EB which runs in her family, our children all have it. They get massive blisters on there body, mainly there feet. The bad thing is the majority of them die from stomach cancer. Most of them don’t live beyond there early 50s. My wife is 50, I fear this might be the onset with my wife. She in extreme stomach pain and we don’t have two pennies to rub together. We live in Santa Fe Texas, Galveston county. I feel helpless and don’t know what to do. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  40. Linda says:

    I am 63…worked in medical records for a hospital. We had a room designated for transcriptionists, record clerks, etc to find any and all charges to discharged patients prior to any billing. I hope everyone reads your information. I left work to move in with my father as sole caretaker. Daddy is 93 doing very well!

  41. Paula says:

    Help me please ,
    My oldest daughter just moved back home with me .she looks very bad skinny eats alot and nothing always hungry cant stay still .im scared she has something bad .she has no insurance. She went to a clinic in Orlando but she has to be there at 4 in the morning just to see if u can get in at 7 . There has to be a easier way .i live in kissimmee florida. Anybody please were can i take her so they can see my child Asap im teriffied of losing her .
    Thank you.

  42. Brittany says:

    Hi I recently moved to Ardmore ok. I have Graves’ disease and my husband is self employed working off commission. We do not have insurance and I have not been able to receive treatment for my thyroid. It is causing many problems going without medication but I don’t know where to start in finding a dr for someone like me with no insurance and will need lots of lab work. Can you help me?

    • says:

      Hi, Brittany. Thank you for reaching out. Please be aware that many facilities will give an uninsured discount to those who do not have health insurance, but you must inquire about this ahead of time. Also, if you are interested, there is a clinic near you that might be able to offer assistance or advice. Here is a link:
      I hope this helps! If you receive bills that you need to have reviewed for accuracy and fairness, please reach out to our sister company, Medliminal, at 855-203-7058.

  43. Thank you very much for this article. I am an independent life and health insurance agent who has worked with people since the beginning of healthcare reform. I used done if the sites that you suggested in the comments and they do work. It does take some leg work on our part but is very worth it. I work with many people who have fallen through the cracks either because they make too much to qualify for subsidies or they fell in the hole in a state that did not expand Medicaid. These are services that need to be emphasized more often especially for people who need these services. I saw that
    I am already following you on Twitter and came across this article while doing research on the cost of care without insurance. Thanks again. I’ll be sure to share your site with others.

  44. Stefani says:

    Hi, so I am seeking help for my 58 year old mother… She had a stroke a year ago in Oklahoma and she had moved to my aunt’s in lousianna and was able to get on Medicaid well be cause I had a baby she moved back to New Jersey and had applied for Medicaid but it’s taking forever in the mean time she is running out of her meds and on top of it she has a feeding tube and requires formula type food….what can she do to be seen by doctor to get her perscritions while she waits for medicaid?

    • says:

      Hi, Stefani. Thank you for reaching out. I would suggest calling Medicaid and asking them about any programs that might help her with her medications while you wait. Here is a link to the Medicaid site:

  45. Debbie says:

    I’m a 56yr old female. I have a condition called CRPS which is extremely painful which requires a multitude of medicines. I also have 10 ulcers and they just found pre cancer cells in my colon. I just found out my insurance was cancelled due to non-payment while I was in the hospital. I’m in California and have looked into getting another carrier since Blue Shield denied my appeal to be reinstated. I need an endoscopy and a colonoscopy to determine f the cancer has spread but I’ve tried to get on other Carriers and they have denied since it’s not open enrollment. What are my options and how can someone be penalized for not carrying insurance yet can’t get insurance? It makes no damn sense. HELP!

  46. Lisa says:

    To anyone that may be able to help me. My name is Lisa and I have been in pain for over three years. I have gone to six doctors at walk in clinics that go on a sliding scale and no one seems to want to help me. They send me back and forth to each other adding pills as they go along. Now i am being told in order to get a dianoses on paper i have to see a specialist that cost well over $600 for the first visit. I have lost my job my apartment and insurance and I do not have $600.00 i am now homeless and I can not get medicade or medicare because no one will say on paper that i have fibromyalgia. I do not know what to do. Can anyone help

    • says:

      Hi, Lisa. Thank you for reaching out. I’m sorry to hear about what you are going through. If the clinics that are free or sliding scale don’t seem to be helping, ask them if they can refer you to a specialist who offers financial assistance. If they can’t refer you to anyone, call around to specialists in your area and explain your situation, and ask if they offer financial assistance or charity care. Many hospitals offer charity care for patients, but you have to ask about it and fill out some paperwork. Also, this website might have something that can help you:

  47. Cheryl says:

    My nephew is exhibiting symptoms of Huntington’s Disease. His mother, grandmother and an aunt all died from this terrible disease. Nephew is unemployed due to symptoms and has no insurance. How can he get the blood work necessary to make a diagnosis? I understand that blood work has to be genetically tested to determine if he has Huntington’s Disease.

    • says:

      Hi Cheryl,
      Has he tried going to a free clinic or sliding scale clinic? If the clinic does not do lab work, they should be able to point you in the direction of a facility that offers charity care to patients. Charity care is based on income and he will need to fill out some paperwork. Also, many facilities offer uninsured discounts that can be pretty significant. I hope this information helps!

  48. Cheryl says:

    Thank you so much for the quick reply. My nephew and I went to the county health department and they are referring him to a major hospital in our area. I am waiting for a call about financial assistance as I am typing this. I am hopeful he will get the help he needs. Thank you again for your help!

    • says:

      You’re most welcome, Cheryl. If you need any more help, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 855-203-7058. I hope everything works out well for him!

  49. melvin says:

    My name is Melvin. I have a friend who have Parkinson’s she has no insurance. She has been getting treatment in Mexico because she stayed in El Paso Texas. Now she move to Houston. She been have some problem do to the Parkinson’s. She in pain but she afraid to go to the hospital because she has no insurance.what can she do.

    • says:

      Hi, Melvin. A lot of facilities offer a discount for those who are uninsured, and will usually reduce the amount owed even further if the balance can be paid within a specified period. I would suggest that she contact her local health clinic and ask about any programs that can offer assistance or any sliding scale clinics in the area that can help. Also, many facilities offer a financial assistance program, sometimes called “Charity Care” that she might qualify for. This is also a link to a foundation that helps people find assistance in medications for Parkinson’s Disease. I hope this information helps!

  50. Richard says:

    I need to be scoped and have no insurance. I have a good job but they offer no insurance. Three doctors have all told me I need this. No one will even take my calls because I have no insurance.
    He is p

    • says:

      Hi, Richard. Thanks so much for reaching out. I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble you are having receiving care. Is this a public or private facility? If this is a private facility, try going to the nearest public healthcare facility. You might also try talking to someone at a free clinic or sliding scale clinic near you. Even if they can’t perform the procedure, they can point you in the direction of a provider who will. Remember to ask for an “uninsured discount” wherever you go. Also, if you plan to pay the balance in full quickly, you can inquire about the “prompt pay” discount. You can sometimes save a significant amount with either, and especially if utilizing both. Please give us a call if you have any questions. 855-203-7058.

  51. Walter says:

    My wife is a registered nurse, she made a diagnostic of herself having leukemia. She had skin break-outs on the tops of her feet, elbows and back and chest.

    We do not have medical insurance due to neither of us are employed at present time. Please…can anyone lead us in the right direction of what to do or who to see? We live in Henderson, NV.

    • says:

      Hi, Walter. Have you talked to any of the free clinics or sliding scale clinics in your area? Even if they can’t perform the services that you need, they might be able to point you in the direction of someone who can help. Also, don’t forget about applying for charity care and inquiring about uninsured discounts. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 855-203-7058. Thanks!

  52. folashade says:

    please I need treatment for my son he his 17years and has this skin disease, which I don’t know the name to call it.

    • says:

      Hi Folashade,
      Thank you for reaching out. Could you give us a call so that we can get more information? We can be reached at 855-203-7058. Thanks!

  53. Bonita says:

    Hi my name is Bonita I’m in need very badly of medical assistance I’m not very mobile Ned to see an orthopedic but cannot afford one can you help me?.

    • says:

      Hi, Bonita. I’m sorry to hear about your situation. I would suggest contacting the orthopedic physicians offices in your area and explain your situation and ask about discounts and charity care. If you are uninsured, many facilities offer an uninsured discount and very often, facilities offer a “prompt pay” discount, which is a discount for paying the balance in full within a specified period of time. Sometimes these discounts, especially combined, can be pretty significant. But if discounts are not available, fill out paperwork for charity care or financial assistance. This is something you have to qualify for. I hope this information helps!

  54. Shawn says:

    I have this huge cyst in my lip and no coverage. I had Washington apple health but it lapsed and i wasn’t aware and didn’t renew in time so i have no coverage but absolutely need my lip cut open and this thing removed. I’m so lost on how to go about this. I don’t have much money. Please Help.

    • says:

      Hi, Shawn. Contact some of the healthcare facilities in your area and ask if they have financial assistance or charity care. You will have to fill out paperwork and you must qualify, but this could help tremendously. Also ask if they offer an uninsured discount. Sometimes this discount can be significant. I hope this information helps!