How to Save Money with Medical Billing Audit Services

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Dealing with hospital and medical bills can be extremely stressful, to say the least. Sadly, many patients often find themselves in debt, or have even declared bankruptcy, because of costly health problems. But while there’s not much we can do about the high cost of healthcare in the United States, what we can do is enlist the right help when dealing with these issues.

Before you begin tackling those giant stacks of medical bills all on your own, you should know that medical billing audit services exist to help save you money, time, and hassle. Find out more about what a medical billing audit actually means, and how it can be beneficial to patients.


By undergoing a medical billing audit, you are making sure that your medical and hospital bills are on track. This process involves comparing medical records to bills in order to ensure that all services, procedures, and medications were delivered to you, the patient, as charged.

Often, medical bills contain many errors, including duplicate charges, clerical mistakes, and incorrect coding. If you’ve recently had a hospital stay, for example, the hospital may charge you for the day of discharge, or for the use of personal items like a toothbrush or blanket. By undergoing medical bill auditing, you are ensuring that all of these charges are actually true and accurate.

Once you receive your bills, your medical billing audit can begin. In fact, it is best to begin this process as soon as possible. If you’re planning to audit your medical bills on your own, start by carefully examining detailed, itemized statements of your medical bills.

Go through the EOB (explanation of benefits) sent out by your insurance company, and be sure that all the information listed (dates, charges, services) appears the way it should. However, you can also undergo a medical billing audit with the help of a service.

In fact, if you’re becoming overwhelmed by your health-related financial issues, or if you do not have extensive knowledge of medical billing practices and codes, an auditing service may be your very best option.

Medical billing audit services aim to save patients the headache of auditing on their own. Additionally, these services will often save their clients far more money than if they hadn’t hired a service.

Medical billing audit services are staffed by trained and experienced medical professionals, all of whom have dealt with complicated medical billing issues in the past. It’s their job to understand the healthcare industry so that you don’t have to. By hiring a professional auditor, you’ll be able to focus on what’s truly important: your health and peace and mind.

Once those pricey medical bills begin to pile up, it’s difficult to know where to turn. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy for patients to spot errors, negotiate, and re-negotiate when necessary.

Don’t spend another dollar on costly medical bills until you know that you are paying what is considered to be fair and reasonable pricing. Whether you’re going it alone or hiring a professional, a medical billing audit is your best option for saving money on your medical bills.

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One response to “How to Save Money with Medical Billing Audit Services”

  1. Bob Corno says:


    I am a financial planner. One of my clients has had a stroke. He has many medical bills. His spouse would like so help reviewing the claims. They have medicare and supplemental health insurance. I would like to learn more how your services work and how you charge.

    Thank you.