When You Should Talk to a Medical Billing Advocate

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Teamwork In The OfficeMedical Billing Advocates of America helps educate the public about the gargantuan issue of abusive medical billing practices. Americans have been the victims of error-laden medical billing, whether intentional or not, for far too long. You will likely need to seek healthcare services at some time. Do you know when you should talk to a medical billing advocate?

MBAA helps consumers know when it’s time to enlist the services of an advocate. If you are unable to perform certain steps to protect yourself from abusive medical billing, you should consider talking to an advocate. You might have gone as far as you can on your own in attempting to talk to the appropriate person in the billing office. You might be getting the runaround from a specific point of contact necessary in moving your case forward. Or you might have the insurance company pointing the finger at the billing department, and vice versa. You might simply be uncomfortable in addressing such a subject at the facility where you receive the majority of your care. Whatever the reason, Medical Billing Advocates of America’s sister company, Medical Recovery Services, can step in and help.

MBAA helps Americans learn to do certain things on their own to help protect themselves from abusive medical billing. MBAA offers training and self-help books for the person who wants to learn to be their own advocate against abusive medical billing. The company headquarters in Roanoke, Virginia offers training several times throughout the year. There are also at-home studies that can help the DIY advocate. Additionally, Pat Palmer, Founder of MBAA and Medical Recovery Services, has authored books designed to help patients protect themselves and be proactive.

Be Proactive

Being proactive is your first line of defense against erroneous charges in medical bills. If you have health insurance, it is imperative that you know exactly what your policy covers and what your responsibility will be. We receive numerous calls and emails at MBAA from former patients who have had a health insurance claim denied. Although many times the insurance company is at fault, there are times when the patient just was not familiar with his or her individual coverage.

Analyze Charges

Request a detailed, itemized statement of your medical charges to make sure all charges are correct. This shows if you have been charged more than once for an item or service or items that are not billable at all. However, sometimes a medical billing advocate is necessary during this step. Good, reputable advocates are familiar with how extra charges are hidden within other charges. However, this is also a chance for the patient to learn how to perform this step on his own. MBAA training can help prepare the patient for this step.

Lots of medical billing advocacy organizations exist to help reduce the errors on your medical bills. Make sure the advocacy group you choose is a reputable one who has plenty of experience dealing with compliance issues. Feel free to contact MBAA about any training or education you are seeking. You may also contact Medical Recovery Services for assistance in analyzing your medical bill for accuracy and fairness at 855-203-7058.


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The MBAA team is dedicated to providing quality education for public and professional use, as well as top notch corporate training. If you would like to speak about a medical bill audit, we can help with that as well. Please fill out the form...

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